Art on infrastructure

Art on infrastructure

Murals and large-scale artworks play an important part in creating a vibrant community.

While the role of your state-wide network of water towers, pump stations, storage tanks and pipelines is to deliver clean and safe drinking water to our customers, they can also provide a canvas for public art that everyone can enjoy.

As part of our art on infrastructure program, we work with community organisations and groups through the planning, concept and execution of projects which use art to celebrate the significance of water to South Australia, and its connection to the local community.

We have already collaborated with several groups and artists around the state, with these various artworks also showcasing a connection to water and cultural diversity, reconciliation and the importance of Aboriginal culture, the natural environment or history of the local area.

Belair murl

Belair water tower


Stansbury water tower

Selection criteria

Applications are open year-round and must address:

  • how the project will be funded
  • community focus
  • artist involvement
  • development of conceptual design
  • suitability of materials
  • local government approval requirements
  • location suitability

As part of the agreement, we will enable safe access to the infrastructure, following an assessment of future maintenance schedules.

Submitting an application

If you would like to submit an application, please complete this form and send to You can also email us at this address if you require more information about our art on infrastructure program.