Understanding my bill

Understanding my bill

It is important you understand the information on your bill, which outlines the charges for your water services.The cost of our services is outlined in,  our Water and Sewerage Prices section.

How to read your SA Water bill

This is a standard SA Water bill, regardless of whether you receive it in the post or your inbox. (If you're a Residential customer, you can receive your water bill electronically by registering with mySAWater.

Example of a bill

1. Daily water use

The graph on your bill shows your average daily water use, compared with the same quarter from the previous years. This helps you keep track of your changing water use.

2. Water (meter reading) 

This shows the reading of your meter at the start and end of the billing period. Your water charges are made up of:

  1. A fixed water supply charge (to get water to/from your property).
  2. A variable or tiered charge for water use (up to 1.4247 kilolitres - 1kLequals 1000 litres).

There is a state-wide price for water, so regardless of where you live you pay the same price per kilolitre as other residential customers no matter how much it costs us to get water to you. This price is fixed.

Your water charge is based on how much water you use and so changes each quarter. You'll find an explanation of our water prices - which are reviewed annually - in our water and sewerage prices section.

3. Sewerage (access charge)

This cost is for the removal and treatment of sewage and used water from your property. It is based on your property value as determined by the Valuer-General - questions about your property valuation can be directed to the Valuer-General.

4. SA Government concession

You may be able to claim a reduction of water and sewerage rates if you are an eligible concession card holder or assessed as having a low income. Visit sa.gov.au/concessions or call 1800 307 758 to check your eligibility.

5. Account number

This is the unique reference number for your property. If you are contacting us or paying your bill online, you will need to quote this.

6. Invoice date

This is the date we prepared your bill.

7. Previous balance

This is the amount of your last bill.

8. Amount paid / New charges

The amount paid is how much you paid towards your last bill and the new charges are what you need to pay on your current bill.

9. Pay by

The due date of this bill. If you are unable to pay by this date, contact us to talk about your options, such as payment plan or regular direct debit payments.

10. Total due

This is the total amount you need to pay us. It includes the current charges and any unpaid amounts.

11. Paying your bill

These are your payment options for this bill.

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