Trade waste fees and charges

Trade waste fees and charges

Trade waste discharge application fee

This meets the cost for processing authorisation applications to discharge used water from trade waste to the sewer.

$172 (including GST)

Compliance audit fee

We inspect customers’ premises to assess compliance with your authorisation conditions and confirm operator details. Audit frequency is based on risk and additional audits may be required where non-compliance is detected.

$138 (including GST)

Volume and load based charges

Charges apply where trade waste discharges exceed 10 tonnes of biochemical oxygen demand or suspended solids, 20 tonnes of total dissolved solids or a volume of 10,000kL per year. These charges are not subject to GST.


Charge rate

Range of application



All volume

Biochemical oxygen demand


Up to 1000 mg/L


For component of load above 1000 mg/L

Suspended solids


All concentrations

Total dissolved solids


For component of load above 650 mg/L (Applicable for re-use sewer catchments)

Total kjeldahl nitrogen


All concentrations

Total phosphorus


All concentrations

Cost reflective volume and load based charges

Trade waste volume and load based charges apply to the maximum concentration and volumes specified in your authorisation. Any discharges above limits are deemed non-compliant and may incur the full long run marginal cost recovery of accepting and disposing of the non-compliant portion. These charges are not subject to GST.



Biological oxygen demand


Suspended solids


Total dissolved solids


Total kjeldahl nitrogen


Total phosphorus


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Stormwater to sewer charges

Applies to customers with special dispensation to discharge stormwater to sewer from unroofed areas.

Annual fee - $11.60 per square metre (not subject to GST)

Macerator discharge fee

This fee applies to customers with disposable receptacle macerators.

Annual fee - $755 per macerator (not subject to GST)

Administration fee

This fee covers administrative costs.

$64.50 (including GST.)