Residential water prices

Residential water prices

There is a state-wide price for most water services - whether you're in a metropolitan or regional area, you pay the same price per kilolitre as every other residential customer in the state, no matter how much it costs to get the water to you. Residential prices apply to properties including houses, maisonettes, home units, retirement homes, flats and strata/community title residences and vacant land.

Your water charges are made up of two parts:

  1. A fixed charge for water supply
  2. A variable charge for water use - the more you use, the more you pay.

From 1 July 2020, the State Government is lowering water and sewer prices.

All South Australian households will receive lower water and sewer prices during 2020-21. Water use prices for all three tiers will decrease by around 18 per cent, while your supply charge will see a 10 per cent reduction.

The minimum sewerage charge will reduced by 10 per cent and property based sewerage charges for residential customers will reduce, on average by around 13 per cent. Property rates will be set later this month to take account of  the 2020-21 property values released by the Valuer General’s Office .

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Regardless of where our customers live, or the cost of providing services, state-wide pricing means most of our customers pay the same price for water. This approach is guided by the South Australian government’s commitment to state-wide pricing and the principles outlined in the National Water Initiative.

Pricing schedules

Visit our policies section to view our pricing policy statements.

How we set prices

We are listening to our customers and will continue to do our best to deliver on your priorities – affordable prices, reliable water and sewer services, and great customer service.

Water and sewerage prices are set together with the South Australian government, and within the revenue cap regulated by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.

When setting prices, we consider many factors including the cost to operate, maintain and improve how we deliver a reliable water supply, dependable sewerage service and increase the use of recycled water for community benefit.

The State Government have announced that pricing arrangements for retirement village and country lands customers will also change, with work underway now for prices in place from 1 July 2021.

Water supply charge

The 2019-20 price for having water supplied to your home is $75.40 per quarter.

Water use prices

In 2019-20, the following tiered charges apply.

If you are looking on tips to reduce your water use, visit our pages on saving water inside and outside your home.

Recycled water price

We supply some customers with recycled water just for irrigation, gardens or flushing toilets. This recycled is supplied by dual reticulation, in purple pipes.

The price for recycled water is set at $2.147/kL in 2019-20, which is 90 per cent of tier 1 water use prices.

Why we have a daily threshold

We give you a daily threshold as we know the number of days between meter readings may vary.

While we try to read meters every 91 days, this is not always practical. (The date of your meter reads can be found on your SA Water bill.)

The amount of water used at each tier is calculated by assuming the same amount of water has been used for each day of the billing period. This ensures you are not advantaged or disadvantaged as a result of a meter reading date not falling exactly on the quarter.

For example, we may record consumption of 33kL for the quarter, which would normally mean that 3kL would be charged at the tier 2 price. However, if we had taken 100 days to read your meter, the tier 1 threshold would be 33kL (0.3288 x 100 days, rounded up) and all 33kL would be charged at the tier 1 price.

How much water do you use each day

While there is no right or wrong amount of water to use, an average residential customer uses 184kL per year.  The amount you use will depend on:

  • the size of your property
  • the size of your garden and the type of plants you have in it
  • how many people live in your house
  • what water-using appliances (washing machine, dishwasher) you have and their level of water efficiency
  • whether you have a pool
  • the season

All these factors may influence your water use.

Charges if you are not connected to the water network

If your property is able to be connected to a water main, you are billed a rating on abuttal charge. This is regardless of whether you use water or not.

A rating on abuttal charge reflects the availability of the service should you or future owners choose to connect the property. The water network has been designed to make this connection available, which adds value to your property.